alien love

Love (Chosen by the Karal Book 2) ‘Skim’, Celia, entered the lottery because she felt like a burden on her poor family. However, when she wins, she realises she has made the biggest mistake of her life. Love is worth more than clean air in your lungs and food in your stomach. Now it is too late. She is going to have to leave her family behind and travel to Karal

As the second lottery winner, Celia hopes to earn some coin from interviews to help her desperately poor family. However, she knows no amount of coin will heal the heartache she has caused. Full of love for her family, she has no choice but to leave them and journey to Karal with Torac. Maybe there she can make a new family with the alien who is her mate.

However, Torac is the Hier Commander, a member of the Hierarchy, chosen to set an example to others. Earth females must not be allowed to live with their alien mate. They belong in the breeding house. He has his orders and he will carry them out.

Torac might be strong, with an iron will. Yet he is about to learn about love. And it will change him forever.

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