After being jilted by her fiancé, Talia has a strong aversion to weddings. But that might all change when she arrives in Wishing Moon Bay and meets dragon shifter Cayde.
Can she believe in him when he says she is his forever?

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Billionaire Jared Sinclair has found his mate, but she doesn’t know it yet. He isn’t even convinced he wants a mate and all that goes with it. Yes, he wants to claim her, but children, and marriage, he’s not sure that’s the kind of man he is.

Although his bear disagrees.

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There’s a blood moon rising. But not just any blood moon. This is a cardinal moon.
Is it also a harbinger of doom?

Meredith and her children are adjusting to their new lives in Wishing Moon Bay. However, a new threat soon puts them in peril and threatens their happiness.

As Meredith’s relationship with Silas deepens, and the blood moon rises, she must fight to protect those she loves.
But she’s not alone. Meredith’s friends and family stand by her side until the end.

However, they have no idea who or what they are fighting. And whether the end will mean the second death of Silas Langdon, vampire.

The New Series in Wishing Moon Bay Starts Here!

The New Series in Wishing Moon Bay Starts Here!

…Or Explore The Rest of Wishing Moon Bay!
















































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Experience the Shifter Seasons































































































Return to Bear Bluff Box set Available now

The Bear is Back in Town
Ten years is a long time to hide from your past. After a terrible accident, Dylan left Bear Bluff, his grandpa told him never to return.
But now he’s back. And what was supposed to be a short trip looks as if it’s going to turn into something much longer. Like forever…

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Living a Lion

Kane has been lied to his whole life. As the nephew of Darius Reinier, he thought he knew his place in the world, rich, eligible, he had his whole future mapped out. And then he finds out he is one of them. A shifter.

Does he still have a choice? Can’t he just hide from who he really is? Carry on as if the moon doesn’t call to him, doesn’t make him want to rip the flesh from his body and turn into … what? What is he?

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One Bear and a Baby
After years away, bear shifter, Cade, has gone home to Tawny Valley. With a baby. Which attracts the attention of the local sheriff, Isabelle. And what self-respecting sheriff wouldn’t be suspicious? So maybe he has every right to be a single father. And yes he is entitled to his privacy. Except when that one bear with a baby, just happens to be her mate. That gives her the right to find out exactly what’s going on … doesn’t it?

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A wolf needs his mate! Come along for the ride, as four hot, sexy wolf shifters, finally find their one true mate.

Cowboy Brother Bears Box Set

What woman wouldn’t want a smokin’ hot cowboy in her life?

Bear Creek and Bear Bluff Complete Deluxe Set

Two complete series on sale for a limited time only – including brand new and exclusive – Best Man Bear!

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