Who Bears Wins

Released: 13th Nov 2016

Series:Return to Bear Bluff

When bear shifter, Caleb, meets Zoe, he realizes returning to Bear Bluff is not a choice, it’s a necessity. One look at his mate and he’s ready to settle down and start a family—with an emphasis on practicing baby making, of course. In fact, he’s willing to start making babies right now…

But Zoe isn’t sure that’s what she wants. At all. Not when she has her teenage brother, Tony, to keep out of jail.

Tony is the reason she gave up her old life and move to a town filled with big, broad, bear shifters. Not the ideal place to live when your side is … well … smaller. And fluffier, with a cute bobtail.

Can Zoe dare to take a chance on Caleb?

When Caleb takes Dylan’s offer and goes to work at Bear Bluff Construction, just so he can help Tony get himself straight, she begins to think that maybe she can.

Settling down and starting a family though, that was never part of her plans, not when her own mom was never there for her and Tony. Afraid she might be a terrible mother too, only Caleb can persuade her to take a chance.

How can she resist her bear? Find out in Who Bears Wins.

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