When Bears Collide

Released: 22nd Nov 2016

Series: Return to Bear Bluff

Curvy bear shifter Grace, does not believe in love and marriage, or happy ever afters. So, fate must be having a joke on her, when she crosses paths with her mate at a wedding, where she’s the hired help—and he’s a billionaire.

Grace doesn’t believe in opposites attract, or any of that nonsense. So, why do her eyes follow Matt around and her heart squeeze with jealousy, when she sees him talking to a woman who is stylish, and clearly looks like she would be the perfect match, for Grace’s mate?

Matt’s made his fortune, and now he wants to use it to help other shifters get a fresh start in life. He wants to work with Dylan from Bear Bluff Construction, and expand the good job he’s doing helping offenders. What he doesn’t expect, is for one of those offenders to be his mate.

Can he persuade Grace that it doesn’t matter what she’s done in the past? He doesn’t care, he doesn’t even need to know. But, what he does need, is for her to take a chance on him, and on their future together.

Can Grace do this, when two bears, from different worlds, collide?

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