Second Chance Bear and a Baby

Released: August 19, 2016

Series: Who’s the Daddy?

Does a bear deserve a second chance?

Liam’s mate was murdered by a drug dealer. Now that same drug has given him a second chance. But will he ever find happiness? Can he live with the loss of one true mate, and learn to love another?

These are the questions Liam must find the answers to, if he is ever to become a second chance bear.

Carla first sees Liam sitting in the corner looking miserable, while all around him, his colleagues are celebrating finally destroying the drug dealers who have been selling Niq It. Drawn to him, she is surprised when he has a sudden change in personality and goes from seeing straight through her, to seeing nothing but her.

However, she soon discovers there is much more to her party pooper, than she ever imagined. Can she give this bear a second chance at love?

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