A Russian bear on the run, Artem is not sure finding his mate is the best thing for him right now, or her. He has seen what happens when life gets in the way of the mating bond and sacrifices have to be made. However, when he sees his mate on the Fated and Mated website, he has to act. Or, more precisely, he has to hack the site and get her details because he cannot risk putting his picture on the internet.

Curvy tiger shifter, Elina, is fighting to prove her client, Jim, innocent, even if he was caught red handed burning down the local school. She is convinced he cannot be responsible, but if it wasn’t Jim, then who was it?

When Artem turns up on her doorstep unannounced, she is worried he is going to distract her from her job. And when she learns of his past, she is unsure where their futures lie. Especially when the trail for the real arsonist leads to a choice, one which may cost Artem his life. But all is never what is seems.

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